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   Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Sugar Free - Soy Free - Grain Free - Raw
         Ingredients the way Mother Nature intends you to have them
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Marsha and I (Grant) are very passionate about health and nutrition. We choose to eat well and to be active, this has been the lifestyle choice for most of our lives. Our goal with My Normal Weight, is to share our experiences and knowledge, to help you make informed decisions on your health and nutrition. 


Marsha is a trained certified nutritionist. She enjoys counseling people in regards to eating and being healthy and her advice works! If you are a student that is ready, Marsha is the perfect teacher


Marsha worked side by side for many years with Dr. Paul Navar M.D. in their age management practice counseling patients on proper nutrition and weight loss


From her insight into healthy eating and mastery in the kitchen, comes Marsha's Products. All of the products are gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, and grain free. Excellent products for Diabetics, Vegans, and those following a Paleo or Ketogenic Diet


Grant is a certified health coach, small business consultant, and considered a "Healthy Living Pro" because of his  knowledge and understanding from a life long commitment to health and nutrition. He put's these principles to work for himself and is able to teach and simplify these concepts for everyone to understand


Grant's business background led him to start Marsha's Products, with the realization there were no products on the market like what he and Marsha were creating in the kitchen





All of Marsha's Products help you; digest better, lower the impact of insulin spiking, and aid you in getting to and maintain a normal healthy weight. We believe in the importance of gut health, and all of our products are geared towards optimal digestion. This is why we sprout our seeds and wash the tannins from the nuts. All of our products are Gluten Free - Sugar Free - Grain Free - Dairy Free.


My Normal Weight is about learning what the best possible normal is for you as two people are not the same. There is so much information out there, and so much of it is driven by marketers, or contradictory. Our goal is to cut through all of that to help you make informed good choices, to help you lead the healthiest life possible. Go to our blog list for an index of our blogs.