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Posted by Grant on March 25th, 2013

The reason to make beef stock is it is very good for your tummy, your digestion, and your entire body. Having a cup of beef stock before every dinner is a great way to prepare your digestive track for the foods which will come next. The key to making good beef stock is in getting good bones, start at a local butcher if you have one in your area. You will want a couple of types of bones for each batch of soup. You will want a knuckle bone with the cartlidge still on it, and the second bone with good marrow exposed on both ends. It's ok too if there is some meat still left on the bone although the meat will alter the taste of your stock.  It is also important to find beef bones from cows that have been grass fed and are free of anti-biotics and hormones.


4 anti-biotic free and hormone free beef bones, 2 knuckle bones and 2 straight bones

2 organic carrots

1 organic onion

the bottom 2" of a stock of organic celery

2 bay leaves

The first step is to roast the bones at 350F for 60 minutes. This is an important step as the soup will be bitter if the bones aren't roasted prior to being boiled. After roasting, put the bones into a large stock pot and cover with either filtered, RO, or bottled spring water. Avoid tap water for this soup as all city supplied water has chlorine or fluorine or some other foreign substance to your body (cities use these to control bacteria). This soup is meant to help heal your tummy, so  you want it as pure as possible. Use only grass fed beef, and organic vegetables.

Turn the burner on high so the water will boil. While the water is heating up, put in 2 bay leafs, cut the bottom ~2" end off of a celery stock and put that into the water along with 2 medium carrots which you can leave unpeeled if they are organic. Add 1 whole unpeeled onion if organic, or remove the outer skin if not. Note you will add salt to taste once the stock has finished cooking, none is required during cooking. Cover and bring to a rolling boil. Reduce the heat so the liquid still is barely boiling. Let this boil slowly for roughly 24 hours. Keep checking the pot to ensure the liquid level is still as a minimum covering the bones, or is up to the level of stock you are trying to make. Having a tight fitting lid is best so you won't need to add any water during the 24 hours. It is important to slowly boil for 24 hours in order to get all of the goodness out of the bones, the cartilage, and other tougher parts.  



After 24 hours, turn off the heat and use a scoop to remove all of the bones, vegetables, bay leafs and any floaters. These should all be discarded as all the goodness has been boiled out of them. This includes any residual meat as it will be very tough. Cool the beef stock and put into a fridge.

If your unsure of where your bones were from, you should remove the fat, however if you used bones from grass-fed beef, keep the congealed fat, 
This type of fat is actually very good for you, good for your tummy, good for your organs, and good for your brain. However, it get's back to "My". You decide what is right for you.

The next step is to flavor the stock with your choice of spices. Simply salt and pepper is a good start and likely all you will need. Then you can turn it into a soup by adding some meat and vegetables. You will notice the stock will be congealed when it is cold. If it's still runny when it is completely cold, then you need to get different bones next time. Getting knuckle joints where the bone is cut off above and below the joint is best. When you remove these bones from the stock after 24 hours, they should not be joined together anymore, and the marrow should be dissolved from inside the cut end of the bone.


This is beef soup which we are heating up. Notice the consistency of the stock in the middle. It looks like a gel, and it is. This is what you are looking for.


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