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Posted by Marsha on July 12th, 2013


* This is a great lunch to take on hikes. Using peppers instead of bread to sandwich your favorite ingredients. Yummy, tasty and fresh!

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Here is what we take on our hiking trips for lunch. Instead of bread, I use fresh peppers to sandwich around some good ingredients. This is a quick way to prepare a lunch, it's fresh, tastes good, and best of all it has no non-vegetable carbohydrates so it's perfect for those of you trying to eat that way.

Pepper sandwich


Fresh red peppers (any color will do)
Dill pickles
Genoa salami (nitrate free)
Turkey (nitrate free)
Red leaf lettuce
Real salt & fresh ground pepper to taste  

Red peppers


Start by washing the red peppers, then cutting them in half and remove the seeds.

cut in half and remove seeds add mustard and mayonnaise

Add mustard and mayonnaise into the bottom of the pepper. Mustard is very healthy for you as it has no sugar but is loaded with turmeric. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflamatory so go ahead and load up on the mustard. Be careful with mayonnaise as almost all of it from any store is loaded with trans fats. 

Now place a couple of dill pickle slices into the bottom of the pepper. We use Clausen dill pickles because they've never been heated. You find them in a refrigerated section. Never heated means alive and nourishing but they are not available everywhere, just check the ingredients on your dill pickles to ensure you're not eating sugar or natural flavors (MSG). On top of the pickles add a few slices of Genoa salami. This is important, you need to find Genoa which is nitrate free. In fact all of your processed meats should be nitrate free because of how bad nitrates are for your brain. I'm finding more and more cold meats which are nitrate free, the variety I used here is Applegate.

add pickles and salami add turkey and lettuce

Next up is a piece of turkey meat, followed by some washed red lettuce, real salt and fresh ground pepper. If we are hiking, I will fold two pieces together into a plastic lunch bag, then in a separate small bag I will put in a couple of ice cubes and insert that into the bag beside the pepper sandwich in order to keep it cold and fresh. 

Peppers are great to use in place of bread.

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  • Posted by Marsha on July 12th, 2013 at 8:10 a.m.
    I loved it last week when we were in Bryce National Park and a Man asked Grant what he was eating. Then the man turned to his wife and said " look honey, what a great idea."

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