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Posted by Marsha on August 23rd, 2013
Cheese Crisps with Garlic and Fresh Basil

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* These easy to make Cheese Crisps are versatile, healthy and they taste so good

* They are gluten free and grain free and if your cheese source is free of antibiotics and growth hormones, then they are healthy for you too

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This recipe was inspired after a visit to our local health food store where we found a package of crackers who's only ingredients were cheese and herbs. I decided to come home and give it a try. I bought two types of hard cheese (see "Good Quality Cheese is a Superfood"), one was a parmesan and the other a romano. You can use any type of hard cheese, liked an aged cheddar or gouda, they just need to be crumbly and dry. The type of cheese is important for the crisp to hold together after it's baked. To make the crisp taste more interesting, I added some fresh ground garlic and some fresh picked basil. The result was so delicious. You can use these cheese crisps as the base for almost anything the same way you would use a cracker. I even formed them into a bowl shape right after taking from the oven and this made a great little holder for hummus (see our "Hummus recipe"), roasted vegetables and I can see using them for some fun party appetizers.

Cheese Crisp



2 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 cup grated romano cheese
~1 cup of sunflower seeds
4 cloves of fresh minced garlic
10-12 fresh basil leaves, fried until crispy


Snip some Basil Turn on a medium fry pan to medium heat. Coat the fry pan with coconut oil. Put in the basil leaves and cook until they are crispy. It helps to turn each leaf over a few times. While the basil is cooking, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper
Cook basil until crispy
Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

Put all the cheese and the sunflower seeds into bowl In a large bowl, combine both cheeses, the sunflower seeds, and minced garlic. Chop the cooked basil leaves into big size pieces and add them to the mixture, then gently mix all of the ingredients together.
Add minced garlic
Add crispy basil leaves

Spoon mixture onto parchment paper Put a spoonful of the mixture onto the parchment paper, then spread it out so it is very thinly distributed. A mistake I first made was to use too much mixture and not spread it out enough. It may take a tray or two to get it right but this recipe makes plenty.
Spread very thinly

sheet before cooking The top picture in the block is a sheet of cheese crisps prior to cooking. For fun I decided to add a small cooked (crispy) basil leaf to the center of each cheese crisp. The middle picture is what they look like after they have cooked for approximately 6 minutes. You can remove them from the sheet right away. And you can enjoy them right away too.
After cooking
Removing from sheet

using muffin tin use a muffin tin You can form the cheese crisp into a bowl shape right after cooking by pressing the cheese crisp into a muffin tin. You must work quickly as the cheese crisp set's up right away. The bowl shape is great for holding items such as those pictured here, hummus or fresh cooked vegetables. I think the choices of what to use with the cheese crisps are endless.
use for roasted veggies veggies in cheese crisp


I'm always searching for new and interesting items to add to our gluten free way of eating. Grant has to eat gluten free as he has Celiac's and I choose to eat gluten free because research has proven women over the age of 40 have a hard time digesting gluten. These cheese crisps are not only gluten free but also free of grains which is something I like. Best of all, they are so good and so versatile.

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