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Posted by Grant on November 7th, 2013

 Making "Power Up" Meal Replacement Smoothie


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* Marsha's Power UP smoothie mix makes a perfect meal replacement smoothie which can be used whether you are maintaining weight, preparing for exercise, or into weight loss


Conclusion: Power UP smoothies are nutritious, high in dietary fiber, high in essential fatty acids, high in protein with ingredients you will know. No chemical names!

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Marsha's Power Up Smoothies can be made a variety of ways depending what your goals are. The following smoothie is what I use as a meal replacement smoothie when I'm at my normal weight. I have this smoothie almost every morning. I also use this shake as an after workout smoothie, making it in a 14oz cup and using 1/3c of Power UP. By not adding any fruit, I stay in fat burning mode for 2 hours after my workout. When I need a pre-workout smoothie, I substitute the almond butter for ~1/2 cup of frozen berries. If you need to lose weight, then forgo the yogurt and almond butter and cut back the Power UP to 1/3 cup. 

How to make the Meal Replacement Smoothie
Magic bullet The magic bullet works great for making the smoothie, and depending how long you blend it for, it can be crunchy or almost smooth. There are two sizes of cups, a 19oz cup and a 14oz cup. I have a 19oz cup for my meal replacement smoothie.
 add 1/2c water Start by adding 1/2 cup of water
 add 1/2c milk


Then 1/2 cup of your favorite milk. I use unsweetened coconut milk because I'm a bit lactose intolerant and I save my dairy for cheese and yogurt. Read my blog on [Alternative Milks] for more info regarding sugar contents of these milks.

 add 1/2c ice I add 1/2 cup of crushed ice because I like the texture it gives to the blended smoothie. In summertime, I may use more than I'd use in the winter.
 add 1/2c Power Up Now add 1/2 cup of Power Up. The amount of Power Up should match your metabolism and how active you are. I'm quite active, typically 50-60 minutes of endurance activity a day, so I use 1/2 cup. When I'm trying to lose a couple of pounds, I cut back to 1/3 cup. Marsha has 1/3 cup in her meal replacement smoothie.
 Add 1/4c yogurt I add 1/4 cup of plain yogurt, and it's yogurt we make which you can learn more in our upcoming newsletter [sign up here]. The key to yogurt is sugar content. Plain yogurt has ~12 grams of naturally occurring sugar per serving (4 sugar cubes), greek yogurt has ~5g (that is because they remove the whey (sugar) to make the yogurt thick). Flavored yogurt's have 12-30 grams of sugar with a lot of those from refined sugar, so be careful!
 Add 2tbl almond butter Next I add ~2 tablespoons of ground almond butter
 add sweetener if desired Depending on your desired sweetness level, you can add a sweetener. I use a pinch of 100% raw organic stevia, although you could use some raw honey. Just remember this is where the amount of sugar can really add up!
 fill with water I top the container with water
 blend for 30-60 sec

Then blend for 30-60 seconds. 30 seconds will leave the smoothie quite crunchy, while 60 seconds gives it a smoother consistency. Trial and error here until you get it how you like it. 


Finished smoothieThe finished meal replacement smoothie. My morning staple. Can't imagine starting a day without it.


[You can order Marsha's Power UP by clicking here, we even have a bulk size]

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