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Posted by Marsha on February 5th, 2014

Recipe: Stir Fry Soup


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* Stir Fry Soup is taking already made beef stock and adding stir fried vegetables and meat. The result is a nutritious quick meal

* This soup can be made quickly with any vegetables you have on hand


Conclusion: A great meal that is balanced between body friendly fats, proper carbohydrates and healthy protein

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Stir Fry Soup

This recipe is so quick, so easy, so healthy, so nourishing, maybe I should have called it "so soup". I really enjoy a bowl of hot soup on a cold day, or when I'm not feeling 100%. This soup can be made with any vegetables you have on hand which makes it a convenient last minute meal too.

Beef Stock

The key ingredient is having beef stock on hand, either freshly made or from the freezer. Click here for our recipe on beef stock. We almost always have freshly made beef stock and drink a cup before our main meal of the day. It amazes me that even after having it so many times, it still feels like it is healing when I drink it. Beef stock, made from the ingredients listed in the blog, should be a staple in your diet. When you have some on hand either fresh or frozen, it makes a great nourishing soup that you can prepare in minutes.

Organic Grass Fed Beef

Beef stock (see our recipe)
Organic vegetables (garlic, carrots, onions, celery.. really whatever you have on hand)
Grass fed hamburger or other meat cut into bite size piece

Soup Closeup

Here is how I made the soup that is in the picture. I minced 4 cloves of garlic and sautéed them on low heat in a bit of coconut oil in a deep sided fry pan (3 quart sauté pan).

I cut the vegetables into bite size pieces. I added them to the fry pan along with the raw hamburger. I turned the heat to medium so the meat wouldn't cook too fast or oxidize. I stir fried until the hamburger was cooked, at which time the vegetables were still el dante. I chopped the meat into bite size pieces as it was cooking.

Next I add a couple of cups of beef stock, salt and peppered to taste, and viola, stir fry soup. A great balanced meal between body friendly fats, healthy protein, and proper carbohydrates. No insulin spike with this soup, just nourishing goodness.

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