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Posted by Marsha on August 24th, 2014

Recipe: BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato)

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Tomatoes on the vine

One of my favorite times in the year, is when we have ripe tomatoes growing in our garden. I love eating them fresh, lightly frying them alongside an egg, but my favorite is simply a BLT. 


Organic nitrate free bacon
Salt & Pepper

Niman Ranch bacon What makes a BLT special is the flavor from the tomatoes which can be unmatched if you pick them fresh from your garden.

What makes the difference in how healthy a BLT is, is the bacon. Most bacon's are full of nitrates which are used as preservatives, but nitrates are known to cause cancer so be careful on how often you eat a product with nitrates. There are a number of products without the nitrates, like the one we used from Niman Ranch.

The other questionable ingredient is mayonnaise, read the label for ingredients and avoid trans fats, try and get organic, and use sparingly. 
Romaine lettuce
Sliced tomatoes

Now to build the BLT, forgot to mention, this is a grain free BLT (no bread = no insulin spike = great for diabetics), but the lettuce works just as well. Slather as much mayo as you want on a large piece of romaine lettuce, add the bacon, then tomato, salt and pepper to taste. Add a second piece of lettuce for the top.
mayo on lettuce  bacon on mayo  tomato then lettuce
Now you can fold, smash or nibble at the BLT. How you eat it, changes with the differing leafs of lettuce
folded BLT non folded BLT

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