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Posted by Grant on October 1st, 2014

Recipe: Bulletproof your Drink

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Bulletproof Tea

The original bulletproof drink came out of Tibet, the ingredients were simply tea and Yak butter. The main purpose was the same as what we want it for, sustained energy. Now, it has been adopted to our North American culture, modified to be coffee instead of tea, and of course "marketed" like crazy by certain companies as weight loss this, super energy that, and I even saw someone touting the bulletproof diet as a great way to lose weight. I didn't read it, but really? a bulletproof diet?? Wow, remember all things in moderation.

Ok, so after experimenting with bulletproof coffee, and getting the jitters from it no matter how we mixed it, we decided to read more about the origins of the drink. That's when we decided to try it with our "Marsha's Instant Tea", and I can say it is exactly what we were hoping for. No jitters at all, just a really good release of sustained energy. Not that coffee is bad, but I believe our body is telling us something when we are getting the jitters and I'm guessing that is a body sign we should listen to. 

There is something physiological going on with the absorption of the caffeine and body friendly fats, there could also be a strong placebo effect, either way, I think having a couple of bulletproof'd drinks a day with green tea is ok.

Bulletproofing a drink like our Instant Tea, can be a good appetite suppressant, for the same reasons as adding body friendly fats to any meal. We believe these types of fats are the cornerstone of any diet, as long as you are eating carbohydrates in moderation.


12 ounces of good water (no chlorine or fluorine)
~1 tsp (to taste) of Marsha's Instant Tea [you can buy it here]


~ 3 teaspoons total of any of the following;
- coconut oil
- butter (from grass fed cows)

- whipping or heavy cream (with no carrageenan)

 Two variations that we use, and I go back and forth and don't see a difference. Start with one teaspoon of our Marsha's Instant Tea in 12 ounces of hot water. T
Variation one is with
 1-2 tsp of Strauss Whipping Cream, and 1-2 tsp of coconut oil
1 tsp tea tablespoon of cream tablespoon of coconut oil
 The second variation is 1-2 tsp of butter from grass fed cows and 1-2 tsp of coconut oil
tablespoon butter 12oz hot water bulletproof tea

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