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Posted by Marsha on February 7th, 2015

Recipe: Sunday Indulgent Waffles

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Tastes as great as it looks. This is a fun variety of a waffle, low carbohydrate and nutritious. It cooks quickly too, making it easy to serve a tableful without having to pre-cook all your waffles. Stores well in the fridge for a few days, and heats nicely in a toaster.


3 eggs

1/3 cup Power Punch

1/2 cup grated cheese

1 tbl coconut oil

1 cup spinach

1/4 cup almond flower

1. Put 3 eggs into glass bowl and mix
2. Add all ingredients (except almond flour) to the egg's
3. Use a fork and mix until the ingredients are well mixed
ingredients Add ingredients to bowl ingredients mixed together
4. Add almond flour and stir into the mixture
5. Heat your waffle iron, use a spray coating (coconut oil) if necessary, then add mixture
6. Cook until golden brown, which does not take nearly as long as a regular waffle
add almond flower mixture onto waffle iron cooked waffle

A couple of fun options

- cook some nitrate free bacon
- enjoy with Marsha's delicious Instant Tea, latte style
- cut the waffle into finger food strips, pour maple syrup into a dipping bowl and dip away with the waffle

Waffle with bacon and tea

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