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Low Carb Pizza Night

Posted by Marsha on October 1st, 2013
Story-At-A-Glance * Who doesn't like pizza. This one has no non-vegetable carbohydrates * Cauliflower makes a great pizza crust * We turned this into a pizza party by making individual sized ...
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BLT Pepper Sandwich

Posted by Marsha on September 27th, 2013
Story-At-A-Glance * A great BLT starts with great ingredients * We purchased the peppers and tomatoes at our local farmers market, and picked the lettuce from our own container garden * ...
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Real Foods Cafe

Posted by Grant on September 25th, 2013
Story-At-A-Glance * The cafe at the Real Foods market in Sugar House which has just opened, is an excellent place for breakfast or lunch * Best available ingredients include organic produce, grass fed ...
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Farmers markets

Posted by Grant on September 23rd, 2013
Story-At-A-Glance * Farmers markets are a great place to buy locally grown produce, and it is typically picked within a day of the market so it is fresh * Besides produce, you ...
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Using Marsha's Products for Weight Loss

Posted by Grant on September 18th, 2013
Story-At-A-Glance * Marsha’s Products are all designed to ease your digestion, nourish your body and help you maintain a healthy normal weight * Kirk lost 8 pounds in two weeks following the ...
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