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   Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Sugar Free - Soy Free - Grain Free - Raw
         Ingredients the way Mother Nature intends you to have them
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 Stefanie Birrer

Stefanie Birrer - Mrs. Utah America

I love the nutrition I get from Marsha's Power Punch! It is a great way to get my omegas and my families omegas, from such a natural source! I love the way it tastes and how easy it is. I have been eating little grains, but crave them still and after eating Power Punch, I feel fully satisfied and love the way I feel afterward! Thank you for creating such a powerful product! Stefanie Birrer Mrs Utah America 2013

Kyle Lotzkar

Kyle Lotzkar - Professional baseball player

I have been using Marsha's Power Up Smoothie mix every day for the past six months and it has proven to be exactly what I have been missing in my diet. I find that Marsha's smoothie mix is tastier than any protein shake or smoothie that I have tried and it is a perfect pre or post workout drink. Additionally, when I wake up in the morning or finish working out I always look forward to drinking one of Marsha’s smoothies. Most importantly, however, my body reacts very positively to Marsha's Power Up Smoothie Mix; it is easy to digest, a great energy boost, and very sustaining.


Stormy Berney - US Embassy in Switzerland

I just moved to Zug, Switzerland and it was grey and I knew no one.  I wanted to start my day with coffee and croissants, plural, because they are so good here in Europe.  But after a quick jittery burst of energy I didn't even want to touch all of those boxes I had to unpack.  When I had Power Punch for breakfast - first of all I felt satisfied with one serving (normally with yoghurt and fruit) second, it was like having a friend keep me going, steady on, one box at a time and it didn't feel overwhelming.  Plus, I really enjoy not only the taste, but especially the texture.  I enjoy chewing it, it feels full and dense and it is FUN!  I love Marsha's Power Punch!  It is totally crave-able!